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Today has me thinking about family; more specifically, my kids and the possibility of adding to our family. We have two wonderful boys and are thankful daily for the blessings that they are. However, in recent years we have been touched by close friends who have decided to adopt and now my husband and I have begun to explore the idea for ourselves.

My husband and I are both without siblings, so this means our boys have no Aunts, Uncles or immediate cousins. They have one set of grandparents whom they are close to and one living great grandma. Add it all up and that’s not a lot of family. We are lucky to have some close friends that we consider family and they definitely fill in some of the gaps. This said, we still have a desire for a bigger family. Since our boys are well out of the infant stage, we aren’t crazy about having anymore babies of our own. So, adoption………..

Let me be clear, our own desire for a larger family isn’t the only reason we are drawn to adoption. As our boys get older and we see how special our relationship is with each of them it weighs on our hearts the thought of other kids being out there that don’t have this. It is, in my opinion one of the greatest injustices that there are children without families. Kids need parents! They need to have a place to belong that is unconditional. They need hugs and talks and expectations, and most of all the stability of knowing there is someone who considers them irreplaceable and loved.

We are looking into public adoption from the foster care system. There are children in foster care all around us. Often we are totally unaware of who they are and their need for a family. While I can`t begin to express how valuable  and necessary foster families are, the ultimate goal for these children is to be adopted.

Step one for us is to get as informed as we can. Do any of you have experience with public adoption? Please share, the more information we can get out to people, the better the chances for the kids who need adoptive families!

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Billy Graham

Loved watching this…….. Enjoy!


Middle Brained…….?

I am hopelessly disorganized. The irony of this… favorite blog is I Heart Organizing. I have a huge appreciation for all things organized, and yet, it    just.     does.     not.    happen for me.
Seriously, if there is somewhere I am supposed to be and I haven’t written it down AND put a reminder in my phone, I Will NOT BE THERE! All my right brained peeps out there are feeling this post, I just know it. 😉

On the other hand, I am a bit of a minimalist. I don’t like `stuff`, I like straight lines, my countertops aren’t cluttered and I feel very strongly that furniture should not be on an angle! ( PLease, PLEASE don’t angle your furniture Mom ) These are left brained attributes, no?

I think I am middle brained. Is that even possible?

Its a little bit frustrating because I admire a lot of people who are fully sold out to what they do. I, am not. I like my house to be clean but it doesn’t bother me if its not. I think its important to be committed to things but the thought of being hemmed in makes me cringe. I like to accomplish goals but having to reach a goal due to someone else`s expectation makes me want to run for the hills.

I know I can`t be the only person that suffers from middle brain-ed-ness. Thoughts?

ps…..Happy Valentines!

Jumbo Jet : a metaphor for the Body of Christ


Okay, stay with me…..

The other day I was reflecting on a book I am reading called Prophecy by Dr. John F. Walvoord. My thoughts were on the Church, the body of Christ and the role each of us is meant to play in it.

What if, when we got saved we were given a boarding pass for this giant jet. We officially became passengers. The promise of a flight to the most beautiful heavenly place you could imagine. When the pilot handed us our pass he told us our instructions were on the back.

The instructions are simple; this boarding pass can never be revoked, however, you are needed to help assemble the plane before it can take off. Each passenger here has a job to fulfill and it is your responsibility to figure out what your strengths are and apply them to the building of this aircraft.

Many passengers have come before you and much of the work is done, but YOU, you have something to give to this project that no one else has. Find those who share your talents, work with them, let them teach you, continue working on what they have started. Don`t be afraid to make a mistake because the pilot knows how every piece fits together and He will help you, all you have to do is call His name.

Work to the best of your abilities so that when the engines roar and the runway is finally clear you can take your seat without fear, knowing that the work you did was without compromise. No seatbelts needed. Enjoy your flight!

How long would you put off finding your strengths? How long would you wait to begin your work? Would you walk away discouraged and angry over a mistake you made, or someone else made? Or would you humble yourself and call upon the Pilot for help and guidance?

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